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Restore Osteo of Colorado is an integrated health care practice serving aging adults and seniors who want to live life more comfortably and independently. Located in Golden, Colorado, it’s never been more convenient for seniors to receive the high-end specialty care they need for injuries, degenerative diseases, and age-related health complications.

The skilled team at Restore Osteo of Colorado follows a successful protocol similar to that of over 200 other clinics in the United States, but they adapt the protocol to target and better serve the specific needs of seniors. Their specialties include osteoarthritis and knee pain. For each new and returning patient, they create a one-of-a-kind plan with long-term success in mind.

Patients with knee pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, or pain in any other joint have options for innovative injectable treatments like Genvisc 850 fluoroscopy-guided hyaluronate injections, platelet-rich plasma injections, and cellular regenerative stem cell injections using healthy donor umbilical cord blood that is rich with growth factors. Injections like these promote better mobility, less pain, and tissue healing.

Although injectable treatments are highly successful, comprehensive treatment plans at Restore Osteo of Colorado don’t end there. The team helps patients achieve long-term pain relief and better mobility with ongoing physical therapy, nutritional guidance, supplements, and chiropractic spine treatments.

Restore Osteo of Colorado offers nutritional testing, aesthetic and regenerative treatments, durable mechanical equipment, and diagnostic services like X-ray and ultrasound imaging. Using these tools, the team can successfully plan treatments for painful joints and custom medical weight loss plans. They can also help patients address nutrient deficiencies contributing to chronic pain and other conditions.

To consult with an expert about anti-aging medicine, regenerative medicine, joint pain, and more, call Restore Osteo of Colorado, or book your visit online today.

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