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Some food for thought posted by @acutherapymike on Instagram.

"Consider this... Donny is 20 lbs overweight and has signs of osteoarthritis and knee pain.
What does this mean for Donny? Being 20 lbs overweight actually translates to 60 lbs of weight pushing down on that sore knee.
Studies show that for each pound of excess weight above the knees results in 3-4x the pressure.
With more friction on the joint results in reduction of the protective pad, inflammation, more bone growth and potentially more pain.
First treatment of OA of the knee? Reduce the load on said knee."

At Restore Osteo of Colorado, our team routinely offers effective treatments to help relieve pain related to osteoarthritis and help you get your life back, including medical weight loss, physical therapy, and joint injections. Check out our previous blog posts for more information on some of these options. 


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