Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the appointment last?

A.   Initial consultation and first treatment last between 30-45 min.  Follow up injections are booked in 10 min increments.

Does Medicare pay for this?

A.  Yes the AARP integrated program of injections, durable medical equipment and take home PT equipment is all covered by medicare and most secondary insurances.  Our staff will happily verify all that for you.

Who is NOT a candidate for this treatment?

A.  While this treatment protocol is proven to be incredibly safe in over 200 clinics across America we still exercise the utmost precautions.  Someone taking the blood thinners Warfarin or Cumadin for instance will need to have their doctors office send us their most recent INR numbers to make sure you are within the safe range for treatment.  Our amazing front office staff will be happy to assist in this simple process in any way we can.

Is your office easy to get to?  Where are you located?

A.  We are located at400 Indiana Street, Suite 280 Golden, CO 80401. Our office is located in the Red Rocks Medical Center in Golden near I-70 and highway W6 Ave.

From 70 take Colfax exit, then head towards Denver West Colorado Mills Blvd and turn south. This turns into Indian Street and Red Rocks Medical Center is on the left.

Our suite is on the second floor and stairs and elevators are available.

I heard that PRP (plasma rich protein) injections can hurt tendons, is that true?

A.  No, that is actually not true.  The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation (IOF) did an independent study and found that in fact this was not true in any way.  The IOF also found that proper nutrition is very important when doing the injections, such as our AARP protocol, which speeds up aids the healing process and decreases all
connective tissue damage.

Why is the right Nutrition so important?

A.  Our Joint Food nutritional supplement is crucial for joint recovery.  Once you begin the AARP protocol of injections and PT your body will need the right ingredients to assist in healing.  As you build new cells your body will look for the necessary ingredients to “make” the cells.  Especially the cell walls.  If you eat french fries and drink coke your body will attempt to make cell walls out of that, but it won’t make them very well.  Without the key ingredients to make healthy new cells you will make weak cells that are easily torn.

Kind of like the nursery rhyme about the pig that made a house out of straw.  It looked like a house, but it didn’t take much to blow it over.  Cells made from poor nutrition will look like cell, but will rupture easily and you will impede your progress.

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